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FIASCO 2013 (It's all over)                                                                 31/11/2013

Another years worth of club shows brought to a close with a great game by our members, with some antastic figure i've never seen the like of before. Some customs with wild paint.  Now its time to start planning for next year.... just what weird and whacky idea's can we come up with ?

Triples 2013 on the horizon.                                                             
Well its allmost that time again, dust off your toys get out your best scenery and start our clubs convention run with a BANG!
This years show is a change for us with some of our "younger" members putting on a game, building of specific boards and new buildings going on at the club, so much flocking a man could go blind.

Our game this year will be Warhammer 40,000 "Rise of the Emperor" seeing some great figures and painting styles from all our players as well as some very special and a bit pricey forgeworld kits.

Fiasco (Leeds)

The show went really well, there were times when all 5 of us were talking to interested peoples and no one actually playing the game. As before the
terrain got a great reception as did some borrowed smoke (Thanks to the guys from Vapnartak) because we forgot ours again.....

We generated loads of interest for the club, lots of talk was been had about us and maybe we will see a few new faces appear in the near future.


Congratulations***  on your new baby.                                                                                         5/09/2012

All at Barnsley Wargames would like to congratulate Steve and Joanne on their new baby Francesca.
Arrived on 4th September weighing in at 8,10

New Suspended ceiling    
Blood, Sweat and Tears.                                                                                                                                                2/08/2012
The club has a new suspended ceiling many days of hard work. this will greatly improve our lighting (as they have been lowered) to the bottom beams. Also in the cooler months of the year heat insulation will have improved drastically ( no more arctic -15 games).  
There are some storage concern's as some of the shelving has been lost but with a little move around we will have it sorted in no time at all.

Many thanks to all those that have helped out with the transport an fitting of the ceiling especially Shaun of MV Services without use of his large van,
it made it all possible.  The project took 1 day for the electric modifications and 3 days to fit the ceiling, job welldone.
Back to gaming as usual for Saturday.

Doncaster Air Museum (Falklands Weekend)                              
A few of us from the club attended the weekend which was great fun, looking around seeing some great aircraft and the odd tank. We met several people, generated some interest for the club and had a few games. Here are a couple of photos

Triples 2012
2nd Place for Best Display Game
Thanks to everyone that stopped by for a chat during our demonstration game at Triples 2012. 
What a great show that was, we got 2nd place for Best display game and got loads of interest for the club


Sarah Butler 29 from South Yorkshire has collected more than 1,000 My Little Ponies since she was a child. Here is our very own Joe Butler a Hardcore wargamer ( So when will we see this new army on the table Joe?)
For the full story :- ... e-17668955